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First Delivery Executive Gives Back to the Community: Creating A Sense of Connection

Arizona - March 13, 2013 - Judi Pine-Sellers, Vice President of First Delivery Service will be spending her Friday mornings teaching money management at Lodestar Day Resource Center. Lodestar is a resource center that serves as a national model for ending homelessness. Lodestar is the center of the Human Services Campus; a collaboration of more than a dozen social services agencies. Every day, over 1,100 individuals find refuge at the Human Services Campus. Lodestar is passionate about engaging individuals with homes to get involved, and to learn more about the amazing transformations that happen every day at the Lodestar Day Resource Center. They welcome and engage people into a safe, accepting environment; inform and connect people to holistic services and programs, help them look at their lives in a holistic way, inspire and empower people to end their homelessness and to “create positive, long-term life changes.”

What does an Arizona Courier company that specializes in Medical Courier and Logistics like First Delivery Service have to do with homelessness? Pine-Sellers says that it's all about being a part of the community. "What homeless people need most is a sense of connection and a pathway to shift their circumstances. Lodestar provides that, and I am able to use my knowledge from First Delivery Service to teach money management which is an essential skill for everyone. In managing our company, I see that employees and couriers need that sense of connection too. We want our customers to be satisfied with our service. I think all people will need a sense of connection."

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First Delivery Service has been providing dependable service for over 30 years in Arizona. Now, they provide the same level of service excellence in the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle, Washington. The company’s success depends on the strength of their qualified team and their commitment to good customer service. First Delivery Service specializes in next-flight-out deliveries and communication so you don't have to worry about the status of a delivery. The company customize to their customers’ needs.

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