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Packaging Tips for Courier-Carried Packages

Whenever you prepare a package for pickup, it's important to determine what kind of packaging will get it there in one piece. If you’re using a courier, you want to be you’re your courier can handle the package safely. Here are several packing tips for those working with a courier.

  • Your number one concern should be the type of box you use for your package. A thick box that is designed to ship heavy items is your best option. This is especially true for freight packages because lighter boxes can become damaged or start to unravel during the air trip.

  • Packaging Tips for Courier-Carried PackagesAlways describe your package needs and the dimensions to your courier. It's essential for a courier to know the dimensions and weight of a package before a driver is dispatched to retrieve it. Also, ask the courier about the different sizes of packages allowed on airlines. Couriers know the limits of box size for each airline. Know the weight limit for each box. Some boxes are designed to carry heavier objects than others.

  • Make sure that you tell the courier that your box contains fragile items if it does. They will mark it in a special way and make sure that the box stays on top of the other boxes in the truck. This will prevent the things inside the box from getting broken.

  • Use bubble wrap and other filler materials around your items so they don’t move around, even if the items aren’t necessarily fragile. Pieces of Styrofoam or even crumbled up newspapers will do the trick. Fragile items should be wrapped individually, while larger items should be surrounded by the material simply to keep them from moving around inside the box.

  • Use thick adhesive tape to seal the box up. It should be at least two inches wide if you’re packing up a lighter box. If the box is heavier, then pressure sensitive tape is better. Avoid using decorative tape because it’s very light and thin and will not provide enough protection for your items in the event of an accident.

  • Label your box with the name address of the recipient obviously on one side. Put the sender’s details above it. Spend a few moments making sure that you have the address of the recipient correct and complete. Add a delivery phone number in case the courier has any questions for the recipient about where to leave the package, etc. Make sure that you don’t cover any of this information with stickers, tape that you can’t see through, or anything else that would leave questions for the courier who is delivering the package.

  • Also make sure that the bar code or shipping tags are affixed prominently and that the information doesn’t get scratched off when you drop if off for delivery.

Couriers provide a very high level of service that you won’t find with standard package delivery services. Follow these tips for success in getting your packages delivered safely.

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