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4 Reasons to opt for a Courier instead of a Package Delivery Service

A courier provides much more personalized service for anyone who needs to get items or documents from here to there. A package delivery service is simply too impersonal and often results in damaged items arriving on your doorstep. The problem is that many business owners don’t understand the differences between a courier and just a regular package delivery service.

Here are the reasons why you must choose courier than instead of a package delivery service:

  • Speed – A courier is much more likely to be able to deliver the next day, or even within the next few hours if you have something very pressing. Not many package delivery services can do that.
  • Security – The average package delivery driver will simply toss a package at your door, ring the bell, and run. They’ve got a huge route with lots of deliveries to make, so they aren’t going to take the few extra moments it takes to make sure that your delivery is secure. In the case of sensitive documents or lab specimens, security is a vital part of the delivery process, and a courier provides much more secure services than a package delivery company.
  • Specialization – A great courier company specializes in specific types of deliveries. After all, a medical specimen requires a certain type of handling to keep it safe; some people don't realize that machine parts are often expensive and require special handling. With a courier, you can trust that you’re not just shoving things in a box and hoping for the best. You’ll know that the person is trained to handle the specific type of item you are shipping.
  • Specific delivery times – Sometimes you need a package to arrive between two and three in the afternoon on a specific day, and a courier will make sure that this happens. This is another element of the very personal service they provide.

Couriers also offer services like tracking or requiring a signature from the person the package is being delivered to. Of course even the post office offers these services, but they do not come with the high quality of care offered by a courier.

First Delivery Service will provide you with a courier in Arizona. We specialize in on-demand rush service, logistics, and scheduled deliveries. Our warehouses can even handle all of your storage and delivery needs. We have more than 30 years of experience, and our drivers are trained in several specialized areas that only a professional courier would know anything about.