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First Delivery Service #1 Courier for Tucson, AZ

First Delivery Service offers the highest service standards in the courier industry for Tucson, AZ. When you need a specialized courier service that can customize orders as you need them on rush, priority status, look for First Delivery Service in Tucson, AZ. Courier services offered by First Delivery Service are second to none.

Time-sensitive and rush orders are our specialty. The higher the priority, the more you'll need the reliable courier services of First Delivery Service. Many of our customers have used us for decades because of the consistency they can expect from us.

On-Demand Courier and Live Dispatchers for Tucson, AZ

Our couriers are on demand when you need them. Our specialty is rush delivery 24 hours a day and 365 days each year. Give us a call any time and you'll be greeted by an actual person, ready to take your most time-sensitive orders and get them out the door. There is no courier service with better service or customer communications. First Delivery Service will give you your proof-of-delivery name and time within minutes of delivery. You always know what is happening to your priority package.

Special Handling of Mission Critical Items

When you have critical manufactured parts, medical specimens or organs, blood or labs, you need someone that understands special handling. At First Delivery Service, we have decades of experience with special handling. We are experts in airport deliveries and all our drivers are TSA certified. The difference is experience and training. We excel at both.

Where You Need It, When You Want It Courier Service

Let our business help your business succeed. If you're experiencing a rush of orders that need shipment, come to us for all of your peak demand, overflow and back-up courier services. We've been operating for over 30 years as Tucson, AZ's go-to rush courier service. We think you'll find that our courier services are unmatched.

With a combination of speed, care and personalized service, we've distinguished ourselves as a premier courier service for Tucson, AZ.

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